Arnaud is an all-round magician who entertained audiences in The Netherlands, Belgium, United States, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore and Dubai. His sold-out one-man shows in Dubai were a big hit.

Arnaud has performed for dutch royalty and many corporate customers all over the world.

One-man shows

Arnaud created several one-man shows in Dubai that had a great reception and many sold-out performances. His unique style combining impossible effects and humor are a recipe for success and many laughs. Make sure you come and visit his next show!


Dubai One-Man Shows by Arnaud

May 2016

First show titled “Far Out” in Dubai at the Courtyard Playhouse theatre. Great reactions from the sold out house!

October 2016

Second “Far Out” show in the Courtyard Playhouse. Some new effects.

November 2017

First show at the large Junction Theatre. Named “The Art Of Magic”. Introduction of many new routines. Including my version of “Balance”.

October 2018

Repeat of the Art of Magic Show.


January 2019

Last show One-Man show in Dubai. Sweet memories. 

January 2019

The Jannuary 2019 show was the onlyy show with 2 posters!

October 2019

Last show in Dubai with my friend Praveen the Magician!


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Private Parties

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